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The Makings Of A Great Coach

Can you believe it?  Two national championships in three years and I’m not talking football.  It’s amazing enough to know that football has six

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Ice Cream & Postseason

What Do You Want?

Jimmy’s & Joe’s

It Takes A Good Assistant

Dog Days

The Dotted Line

Showtime Mahomes Vs The Goat

Road Signs

The Streak Buster

Tip Your Cap

Life In The Balance

Travel Education

Losing Touch, Getting Stupid

No, It Didn’t

The Ending

Fraud & Chocolate Cake

Bring In The New, Remember The Past

Fitting A Round Peg In A Square Hole

Act Like You’ve Been There

The Unlikely Athlete

Hall Of Fame Moments


Say It Ain’t So


Not An X Or O

Missouri Western’s Most Valuable Resource

The Bet

Plays To Remember As It All Starts Again

Keep My Fingers Crossed

Torture On The Gridiron

Imagination & Old Friends In Baseball

My Greatest Mentor

Hidden Stories From A Championship Team

Death Of A Legend

The Best Of Independence Day

Things Just Happen

Why No Mickey Mantle?

One Of A Kind

The Town I Almost Didn’t Find

Soap Box

John Tucker, Rest In Peace

Mother Nature

Turning Points

The Baseball Trip

Why I Hate Track

The Big O

Little Dixie

Jump On The Bandwagon




When The Game Means A Lot

The Big Upset

Much More Than An Assistant


The Love Of The Game

A Knight Of Influence

At The Buzzer

Listen To The Advice

Winter Storm Warning

When A Coach Loses His Team     

I Bet You Didn’t Know

The Christmas Season

It Didn’t Just Happen

A Christmas Ghost Story

That One Special Day

The Power Of The Shorts

The Best Coaches

The Best Time Of The Year

Wilt, Starkweather, Racism & Kubacki


I Love It, I Hate It, I Want Some More of It

That Went Quick

Brylcreem & Kegs & Eggs

Visions Of Big Bucks

Happy Birthday

Getting Hit In The Mouth

Can A Coach Be Fair & Intelligent?

It Has To End Sometime, Right?

Unforgettable Food & Sports


The Greatest Game Ever Played

A Special Feat In Baseball

The Sum Of All Joys

Something New In Title Town

You Can’t Beat Little League

In With the New

Barbeque, Baseball & Grucci’s Fireworks

Characters Of The Hardwood

Suicide Squeeze    

Suicide Squeeze    

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer

A Flour Mill

A Flour Mill

Old Coaches Never Die

Old Coaches Never Die

The Culture Of The ‘Ville

The Culture Of The ‘Ville

The Mentor

The Mentor

Summer Lessons

Summer Lessons

It’s Tough Being A Parent

It’s Tough Being A Parent

Growing Up Baseball

Growing Up Baseball

Do You Really Love Baseball?

Do You Really Love Baseball?