Nights with Shelby


Weeknights From 5pm to 9pm

Since I was a small child, radio has always been the coolest thing to me. Growing up, my mom would listen to rock stations while driving me to school. I don’t know why, but watching her smile and react to different personalities made me so happy. It influenced me enough that I wanted to be just like them. Dan Ingram became an idol of mine and after that, I started talking too much. Nothing has changed, actually. My favorite station became KQBW 96.1 the Brew. Classic Rock holds a HUGE place in my heart. Anyways, I ended up applying for Radio Promotions, Sales, and Management at Iowa Western Community College – home of KIWR 89.7 the River. I threw myself in and became the front desk receptionist at KIWR. I did production, voice overs, and plenty of promotions. In September of 2017, I joined NRG Media – Omaha Radio Group. I started as a board operator, and in January 2018 I joined KQKQ Sweet 98.5 with a shift of my own. I also helped with promotions, the front desk, I voiced many commercials, and even filled for the production guy when he let me. And in September of 2018, I was brought on here at The ‘Vill! I’m so glad to be here. They say you never have to work a day in your life when you love what you do.