Middays with Ethan

Weekdays 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

My name is Ethan Catron, I was born and raised in Lee’s Summit Missouri, and moved up here to Maryville Missouri to go to Northwest Missouri State University, for college.

I graduated with a communications major, emphasis in rhetoric with an art minor. I am an artist at heart, but had to switch to communications due to an unforeseen circumstance at the time, but boy am I glad I did, because if I hadn’t switched I may not have ended up here at 97.1 the vill, talking to you guys every morning!

Some of my other interests include, drawing, the occasional gaming session, reading, long walks on the beach, yada yada, and Netflix. Netflix is bae. That’s just about it I think!

Like I said though I am very happy to be here spending mornings together with you guys every weekday from 10-1 right here on 97.1 The Vill.