City Council Notes – 3/8

–Councilman Jason McDowell made a motion during last night’s meeting to end the mask mandate Monday (3/15), but the motion did not receive a 2nd, so the motion died without a vote.

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute a Lease with Murphy Tractor & Equipment Co, INC for a 2021 John Deere 544 Loader.  The annual amount is not to exceed $35,609.04.

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute a Planned Service Agreement with CK Power for Maintenance of Municipal Generators.  The three year period will include payments of $14,530 per year.

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute a Contract with Ray Lindsey Company for the Purchase of Trojan UV Bulbs for the Maryville Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The amount not to exceed $38,816.34.