Nodaway County Sheriff Reveals Positive Test For COVID-19

Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong revealed via the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page Tuesday he tested positive for COVID-19 last Friday.  He is quarantined in his home until at least Sunday.

Sheriff Strong’s message on Facebook:


Some of you may be hearing that I have COVID 19.  I am writing to confirm that I did test positive on Friday morning, August 28.  I am quarantined at home until at least September 6.  My wife Vicky is presently without symptoms but because we share a home she is also under quarantine.  My fear is that she will get the virus.  My first recognized symptoms were a mild irritated throat, fatigue, and then the fever.  The fever came fast.  When I went in for the test Friday morning it had reached 104 degrees.  I was sick at my stomach, faint, and very fatigued.  I’m happy to report that today is the first day that I have not had a fever.

We are fortunate to have family nearby that is getting us what we need.  Thank you to the people who are wishing me a speedy recovery.  The office of the Sheriff is in very capable hands.  I have a great command staff.  And lastly, I look forward to a full recovery and getting back to work.  So, take care of one another and wear your masks and wash your hands.

Sheriff Strong