Celebrating Our Independence – Congressman Sam Graves

Dear Friend,

On July 4, 1776, America declared its independence from England. Less than a year before that declaration, two ships were commissioned to intercept British goods and ammunition. That stands as the founding of the Continental Navy, now the United States Navy.

At the time, the British Navy was known for its power and might. The United States was bold in its move to take it head on. The Continental Navy ultimately played a critical role in the success of our country in the Revolutionary War. Today we’re still commissioning new ships into the U.S Navy and they are vital to the defense of our freedom.

Last month, the USS Kansas City was officially commissioned into the U.S. Navy. A littoral combat ship, Kansas City’s namesake ship is designed to hunt submarines and it will be one of the fastest in the Navy.


The USS Kansas City has 10 street signs from Kansas City, including 18th and Vine. In addition, the crew galley is named in honor of baseball legend Buck O’Neil.


The commissioning ceremony was held in San Diego, California, which will serve as the homeport for the new ship. While COVID-19 restricted the ceremony, the Navy hopes to commemorate this historic event with the sponsor, crew, and commissioning committee.

The USS Kansas City is more than just a tip-of-the-hat to Kansas City, it will help expand the reach and capability of our Navy. As one of the fastest in the fleet, the USS Kansas City will counter threats from diesel submarines, mines, and fast surface craft. It’s an honor that this state-of-the art combat ship bears the name of Kansas City.

My hats off to the men and women aboard the USS Kansas City, as well as all of our military members. Thank you for protecting and defending the freedoms we hold dear. Happy Independence Day!


Sam Graves