The Green New Deal Is Back & It’s Still A Disaster – Congressman Sam Graves

Dear Friend,

America is at a crossroads. Our infrastructure is crumbling, and, in the midst of a global pandemic, millions of Americans are out of work. Rebuilding our infrastructure could be just the shot in the arm our country needs to rebuild. So, will we rise to the occasion, set aside our partisan differences and work together to rebuild America, or continue down the beaten trail that leads nowhere?

Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi chose the latter for all of us. Instead of allowing the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to build on years of bipartisan agreement and craft a commonsense bill that will rebuild our infrastructure, the Speaker completely highjacked the process.

Written behind closed doors, the Speaker’s $1.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill reads more like the Green New Deal than anything rooted in reality. It’s chock full of new mandates and bureaucratic hurdles that slow down projects and make it far harder to maintain our roads and bridges. It’s exactly what we don’t need.

When a bridge is failing in North Missouri, we want it fixed quickly and affordably. The only thing our County Commissioners or MODOT get out of more top-down government mandates is more cost, more time, and more frustration. Our states and counties deserve flexibility to get their projects done and this bill provides just the opposite.

Worse yet, despite spending countless hours drafting their Green New Infrastructure Disaster bill behind closed doors, nobody ever stopped to ask, “how are we going to pay for this?” They just passed the buck, so that future generations of Americans should be forced to foot the bill. It’s no wonder why either, since it’s estimated they would have to double the gas tax just to pay for a portion of their plan.

That’s the wrong thing to do, especially now when millions of Americans are struggling just to get by. Most level-headed Americans laughed the “Green New Deal” off as a joke, but now its principles are starting to show up in real legislation. It’s infected the already toxic political atmosphere in Washington and now it threatens to halt progress on things every American should be able to agree on.

We need to fix our roads and bridges. We need to expand broadband internet access. We need to maintain and fix our nation’s ports and harbors. These are all things that we should be able to work together on. It’s time to put up the political games and start working for the American people.


Sam Graves