Maryville City Council Notes 4/13

City Council met in a closed session to the public and media Monday due to COVID-19.  The meeting was streamed on ZOOM (file photo).

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute Change Order #1 with JD Bishop Construction, LLC for Installation of Concrete at the Downtown Pocket Park.  The change order adds additional work totaling $20,000 ($20,321.80).  This makes the total bill $68,000.

–Approved Ordinances to Execute Hay Lease Agreements for the Purpose of Harvesting Hay at Mozingo Lake Recreation Park.  The bids will generate nearly $26,000 ($25,603.56) in additional revenue for Mozingo over three years.  The lease agreements are with Brian McGary, Robert Waldeier and Gross Farms (Duane & Martin Gross).

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute a Contract with SonicSolutions, LLC for the Purchase of a SolaRaft-QDB for Algae Control at Mozingo Lake.  The amount not to exceed $15,500 ($15,513.76).

–Approved an Ordinance to Execute a Contract with Snyder & Associates Engineers & Planners, INC for Professional Engineering Services for the Park Avenue Wastewater Analysis.  The amount is not to exceed $25,300.