Celebrating Easter in Times of Uncertainty – Congressman Sam Graves

Dear Friend,

As we come to an Easter season that will look far different than any we’ve ever experienced, I know many are still looking for ways to celebrate. After all, the reason we celebrate hasn’t changed.

While church pews will be empty, many have moved their church services online or are finding other unique ways of celebrating while adhering to social distancing requirements. It might look and feel different, but Americans will always find a way to worship. Adhere to what’s been asked of you locally to slow the spread, but don’t neglect the opportunity to celebrate this season.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate Easter, or any holiday for that matter, is with my grandkids, something that just isn’t possible this year. Instead, it will look more like a Facetime call for me or a Zoom call for others. Again, it’s certainly not the same, but a little creativity this year will go a long way to maintaining our ties with family and friends.

Social distancing doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. Technology can be a helpful tool and, in this case, it’s making it far easier to maintain a small sense of normalcy. In fact, I’m finding that some old acquaintances who I hadn’t heard from in a while now have extra time and want to get back in touch. This is a great time to take advantage of that with those who live both near and far.

I know many are hurting right now, with the loss of a job or a downturn in your business. This is an incredibly difficult time and, for many, finding hope in this season will prove far more difficult than previous years. Reach out to those you know and encourage them. Ultimately, helping each other out is a part of who we are as North Missourians—a big part. We continue to hear incredible stories of neighbors helping neighbors and I know that will continue.

This Easter season, I hope you find peace and hope amidst the chaos of this moment in history. These are times like no other, but folks are trying to make the best of it. Amidst the uncertainty and fear, know that we will get through this together—even though we are apart.


Sam Graves