Kisker Lands Rightful Spot In M-Club Hall Of Fame

The Class of 2019 will be inducted into the M-Club Hall of Fame during the annual festivities on Fri., Oct. 25 in the J.W. Jones Student Union Ballroom and will be recognized during the Homecoming football game on Sat., Oct. 26. Tickets for the Friday evening banquet are $25 each and may be purchased by contacting Kiersten Orton ( in the athletics office at 660-562-1977. Seating for the event is limited and the deadline to reserve your spot at the banquet is Oct. 18, or until tickets are sold out.

2019 M Club Hall of Fame Announcement

By Trent Spinner
Athletic Communications/Media Relations Student Assistant

The M-Club Hall of Fame induction is a celebration of athletic achievement, it’s a chance for athletes to come home to the place that they excelled. For Dale Kisker’s family, it means more, this is their chance to not only introduce his family to how much he loved for the game of baseball but a chance to remember who he was as an individual.

The late Northwest legend was one of the most dominant pitchers that the baseball program has ever seen. Dale Kisker played for the Bearcats from 1979-1982, in that time he earned first-team all-MIAA in 1982 and helped Northwest claim its third MIAA Championship in program history. Kisker also tallied second-team all-MIAA accolades in 1981.

Dale Kisker only grew his legend by placing himself second on the Northwest all-time list for career ERA (2.64). But what boosted his ability to showcase his talents was his dedication to the game.

“He was very dedicated to it, he would do what he needed to do to be a good athlete,” Tammy Kisker said. “He just loved the game.”

Whenever Dale was on the mound, he expected to give nothing but his A-game, to help his team win. As the ace on the Bearcat pitching staff, it was his job and he took it seriously.

“I didn’t ever see him when he wasn’t (on his A-game), he was just really calm,” Tammy Kisker said. “He wasn’t like the power pitcher, but he always had movement and it was kind of easy to tell.”

His love for the game never faltered as he focused on how he could grow in his craft. However, when his finite amount of time ended in the Northwest baseball program, he moved on to making a difference for the next generation.

Dale’s ability to excel on the mound transferred to coaching other children and he loved every minute of it.

“He had a way of communication that really worked with kids he coached,” Tammy Kisker said. “As he got older he coached it (baseball) and he just enjoyed being involved in the game itself.”

Baseball ends and life goes on and the moment he stepped off the diamond, his focus was on his family.

“He was just a man of character, he was very humble about his success, in fact, his kids were surprised about all the stuff that he had done when he passed away,” Tammy Kisker said. “When we started to raise a family, his family started to come first.”

Now seven years after his passing in 2012, Tammy and her whole family are gathering to celebrate his time as a student-athlete and as a person.

This induction means more than just being honored, this is the chance for Tammy Kisker to show her family who her husband was and how he worked hard to become a success, as a baseball player and as a family man.

“I am going to take my family with me, I’m going to take my kids and my grandkids,” Tammy Kisker said. “I want them to get the chance to hear about him and be a part of it too, so we are just looking forward to a weekend where we are going to share that all together and just be thankful.”