It’s Time For Congress To Get Back To Work – Congressman Sam Graves

Dear Friend,

There are folks just down the road from me who haven’t been able to get into their houses since March. Think about that for a minute: there are families who haven’t been able to return home for going on 6 months now.

Historic flooding, caused in part by failed river management policies, have decimated folks along the Missouri River. They aren’t alone. Most of North Missouri has seen historic flooding this year and the recovery process continues.

We should be focusing on what we can do to ensure that folks are able to get back on their feet after this year’s flooding, as well as looking closely at how we manage the river, so we don’t see floods like this ever again. Instead, we’re now mired in a sham impeachment charade.

Many House Committees, at the direction of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are now shirking actual business to instead go after President Trump. That even includes the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee where I serve as Ranking Member. In addition to finding solutions to our country’s infrastructure problems, the Transportation Committee is tasked with overseeing FEMA. That’s a pretty important endeavor in light of what has happened this year in North Missouri.

Yet, this week, instead of holding a hearing on the legislation I’ve introduced to fix the river management problems on the Missouri River or ensuring that disaster recovery and relief efforts are functioning properly, my colleagues on the other side of the aisle chose to hold a hearing on the Old Post Office lease—a desperate attempt to attack the President and sideline the good work of our committee. That’s right—even the Transportation Committee is looking for dirt on President Trump.

Congress shouldn’t be abandoning its responsibilities to play political games. We’ve voted three times on impeachment and it’s been defeated every time. However, Speaker Pelosi continues to try to find a way around the actual impeachment process in an effort to undermine President Trump.

We cannot let this charade based on third-hand accounts get in the way of more important things like ensuring disaster relief is properly distributed, passing good trade deals such as USMCA, and improving our country’s infrastructure. It’s time to get back to the work we were sent here to do.


Sam Graves