Wednesday’s High School Scoreboard

Girls Tennis:  Maryville at Cameron Tourney

Pool play the first three rounds and then place match for the fourth match the girls played:

Addison Hall won 6-1 against Foster of Trenton, 6-0 against McMillian of Lafayette, and 6-1 against Beymer of Warrensburg.  In the first place match she lost 3-6 to Platte Co Emma Murray.  Addison got 2nd place in Flight 1 singles

Athena Groumoutis won 6-1 against Sole of Trenton, 6-0 against Rudel of Lafayette, 0-6 loss to Misner of Warrensburg.  She played in the third place game against Jordyn Howard of Higginsville and won 6-2 to get third place in the flight 2 singles

Arianne Skidmore/Lauren Cullin won 7-6 (9-7) against Gott/Crowley of Trenton, 6-2 to Lorenz/Davis of Lafayette, and lost 4-6 to Barker/Starbuck of Warrensburg.  They actually tied in their pool play for first place but because of losses played in the 5th place match against Thogmarten/Bontrager of Cameron 4-6 for 6th place in flight 1 doubles 

Brylie Rodrick/Blake Springer won 6-2 to Dolan/Overton of Trenton, 6-0 to Bettis/Tovey of Lafayette, and lost 2-6 to Gastomski/Snare of Warrensburg.  They won 6-3 to Stewart and Shipley of Savannah for third place in the flight 2 doubles

Caitlyn Burke/Maggie Calfee lost 4-6 to Catron/Lovell of Trenton, won 6-3 to Morris/Herman of Lafayette, and lost 2-6 to Rousseau/Johnson of Warrensburg.  They played Twyman/Ratliff of Higginsville and won 6-1 to get 5th place in flight 3 doubles.


Girls Golf:  Richmond Tourney

Maryville 4th of 16 teams – 428

Savannah 8th

Emily Long of Maryville T1 83

2019 RHS Girls Tournament Results