Missouri Jail Worker Put On Leave In Bra/Metal Detector Flap

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri jail employee says she was placed on leave after putting her bra through an X-ray machine as she was getting screened into work.

Charlotte Hardin says she had to take off her bra because it set off the metal detector at Jackson County Detention Center. She says the facility put her on leave in June, saying undergarments can’t be X-rayed. She hasn’t been given a return date.

Hardin’s attorney filed a sex discrimination and retaliation complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Last month, attorney Laurie Snell said she had to remove her bra at the security gate during a trip to the jail.

Diana Turner, the Jackson County corrections department director, says her employees don’t have issues with screening.