Missouri Governor Signs $29.7 Billion State Operating Budget – State Senator Dan Hegeman

JEFFERSON CITY — The governor officially signed into law Missouri’s $29.7 billion state operating budget for the 2020 fiscal year during a ceremony at the Jefferson City Correctional Center on Monday, June 10.

For the first time in many years, the governor signed the state budget sent to him by the Missouri General Assembly without designating a single withholding or line item veto.

State Sen. Dan Hegeman, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, expressed his gratitude to the governor and his staff for their hard work on the budget process.

“The governor and his team did a tremendous job working alongside the General Assembly to craft the best budget that fits the needs of our state,” Sen. Hegeman said. “I believe we were really able to deliver for the people of Missouri, increasing funding in several key areas of the budget without having to raise taxes. This is what responsible, unified government looks like, when leaders communicate and work for the good of the entire state.”

The 2020 state budget, contained in House Bills 1 through 19, includes increases in funding for public education, transportation, state employee pay and more. The 2020 fiscal year begins on Monday, July 1.

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