Affidavit: $8 Xanex Deal That Went Bad Led To Kansas Killing

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — Authorities say a suburban Kansas City teen was killed when an $8 Xanax deal fell through.

The affidavit released Monday in the case against Matthew Lee Bibee Jr. says 17-year-old Rowan Padgett was killed in March after Bibee arranged to buy the anxiety medication through another suspect, 16-year-old Jordan Denny. Bibee, Denny and a third teen are charged with first-degree felony murder.

Denny told authorities she kicked Padgett out of her Olathe, Kansas, house after he asked for sex. But he stayed in the area and was there when Bibee arrived with friends to get the Xanax. Denny told investigators that she asked Padgett to leave with Bibee because her supplier had fallen through and her father had called police.

Padgett was killed after getting into the car with Bibee, who was wounded two days later in an exchange of gunfire with police.