Showtime Mahomes Vs The Goat

Professional football is really tough for me to get really excited about.  I certainly wouldn’t put a bunch of paint on my face, dress up like an Indian Chief and scream like I was being attacked by aliens.  Every team does have its crazies.

My son, Sam, doesn’t do any of those things either, but I would call him one of the crazies.  Sadly, Sam’s craziness came to an end Saturday night.  Sam is a huge, enormous Dallas Cowboys crazy.  

He came home at halftime when the Cowboys had a tough first half.  He left his buddies to watch the game with me. He explained the Cowboys played better when he watched them on our home television.

I feared that if Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot couldn’t bring Dallas back against the Rams, our home furniture may be in danger of destruction.  I wasn’t wrong by much.  Soon after the Cowboys failed to score the tying touchdown, I heard things crashing against his bedroom walls.  Fortunately, nothing was made of glass.

Sam is such a fan for the Cowboys that he has no interest in the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots game Sunday night.  He has to be the only person in Missouri not paying attention.

Let’s look at this game from a couple of angles.  To me the most interesting part of this game is the match-up of 23 year old Patrick Mahomes, nicknamed Showtime and 41-year old Tom Brady, nicknamed GOAT.   

Mahomes picked Showtimes from several interesting choices presented him.  He explained he had been called that nickname in the past.  On the other side of the ball, Brady doesn’t like his nickname, which is really an acronym. GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time.

Of course, this is Showtime’s first AFC Championship Game.  The GOAT will be playing in his 13th AFC Championship Game.  He has won eight of them.  Will the torch be passed, or will it be proved that Tom Brady never ages?

How about a little history?  New England will play in their 16th AFC Championship game, while this one marks only the second one for Kansas City.  Think about it;  the GOAT will have been the starting quarterback for 13 of them after Sunday’s game.  

Know who started the only time Kansas City played in the AFC Championship Game?  You probably knew that in 1993, the newly acquired Joe Montana and Marcus Allen led the Chiefs offense to a divisional championship.  The defense was anchored by rookie Neil Smith and a young Derrick Thomas.

Here’s a great trivia question.  Ask who finished second to the Chiefs in the Western Division of the AFC in 1993. Some may guess the Raiders or the Broncos.  Tell them they have to be specific.  The Raiders was right, but not the Oakland Raiders.  Twenty-five years ago, the Raiders had moved to Los Angeles and were the Los Angeles Raiders.

It wasn’t a perfect season for Comeback Joe Montana.  In the second game of the season, the defensive genius, Buddy Ryan, the head coach of the Houston Oilers, shut out Montana and the Chiefs 30 – 0.

Still, with an 11 -5 season record, the Chiefs finished one game ahead of the hated Los Angeles Raiders.  That earned them the right to travel to Pittsburgh for the Wild Card Game.  Montana was up to his old tricks as the Chiefs won 27 – 24 in overtime.

It was back on the road again the next week to take on the Houston Oilers, the site of the 30 – 0 shellacking during week two of the season.  Houston was in turmoil when Buddy Ryan slugged his offensive coordinator a game earlier.

The Chiefs and Comeback Joe took advantage for a 28 – 20 win.  I will never forget when tight end, Keith Cash, caught a touchdown pass.  He celebrated by slamming the ball in the face of Buddy Ryan.  Oh yeah, it was a picture of Buddy Ryan hanging from the stands.

Only one win from the Chiefs’ third Super Bowl appearance, Kansas City once more hit the road, this time to Buffalo.  Buffalo, New York can be brutally cold this time of the year. However, in 1993, the Chiefs found themselves in cloudy, balmy weather with a high of 36 degrees.

The Bills jumped out to a 20 – 6 lead, but Comeback Joe had the Chiefs on the Bills five-yard line just before half.  The comeback would soon begin.  Then disaster struck as Montana threw an interception in the end zone and the half ended at 20 – 6.

Comeback Joe would only last three plays into the third quarter.  Down he went with a concussion.  Thurman Thomas, the Hall of Fame running back, had 186 yards rushing, 22 receiving yards and three touchdowns.  The Chiefs Super Bowl dream ended 30 – 13.

That’s what happened 25 years ago.  Gone is Comeback Joe but enter Showtime Mahomes.  Showtime will motivate me to sit in front of the television just like I did for Michael Jordan from 1984 – 1998 (I don’t count his last three years).  You knew when you watched Jordan, you would see something you had never seen on the basketball court.  Showtime performs his magic on the grass.

Sam might not care who wins this game, but I would like to see Showtime play again in two weeks.  It’s time to create some new history.  Bring back the ghost of Hank Stram.  Maybe Andy Reid should roll up a program like Hank did in the first and fourth Super Bowls.  It’s time to put down the GOAT.