Homestead Pics 2



Once the foundation was fixed and poured for the addition, we started getting into a little demolition.  That’s the fun stuff because it’s difficult to destroy something wrong!

Kitchen had to go.  That brown spot on the wall is grease.

We tore out the wall between the kitchen/dining room and living room.  Banny supervised.

Knowledgeable guys put a beam in the attic to hold it all up.

The bathroom and a bedroom become one!  This space eventually gets turned into a laundry room, bathroom and part of the master bathroom addition.  We recycled the cast iron tub mostly because it was too heavy to move.

Cool brick bbq discovered once the leaves came down!

Creepy-ness found in the attic.  There was also a doll head.  They were both sealed up in a wall for someone else to find!

We’d get excited about little deliveries.

Even more excited when it was up.

Termite damage.  Not exciting at all.

Progress is slow because every time we opened up a wall or ceiling, we found more problems but we pushed on, pretty much destroying our budget along the way.

More next week!