Missouri House Republicans Pick Wiemann For Leadership Spot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri House Republicans have nominated a suburban St. Louis lawmaker to take over as the chamber’s second-ranking official.

House Republicans met Wednesday at the Capitol, a day after retaining a supermajority in the general elections.

Republicans confirmed their previously announced choice of Springfield lawmaker Elijah Haahr to serve as speaker during the new session that starts in January.

They picked John Wiemann, of O’Fallon, to succeed Haahr in the position of House speaker pro tem.

Both Haahr and Wiemann still need to be officially elected to their leadership positions by the full chamber when the session begins.

Republicans also chose Rob Vescovo, of Arnold, to continue as House majority leader.

Based on preliminary vote totals, House Republicans would hold a 116-47 majority over Democrats.


Wednesday House Republicans – including newly-elected and returning lawmakers – elected the following members of their leadership team for the 100th General Assembly:


Speaker of the House: Rep. Elijah Haahr

Speaker Pro Tem: Rep. John Wiemann

Majority Floor Leader: Rep. Rob Vescovo

Assistant Majority Floor Leader: Rep. J Eggleston

Majority Whip: Rep. Steve Lynch

Majority Caucus Chair:  Rep. Sonya Anderson

Majority Caucus Secretary: Rep. Chris Dinkins

Policy Development Chair: Rep. Jeff Messenger


Speaker-designee Elijah Haahr, R-Springfield, and Majority Floor Leader Rob Vescovo, R-Arnold, released the following statement regarding the leadership team for the upcoming legislative session:

Throughout the past months, Republicans presented bold, 21st Century solutions to develop a strong workforce and create jobs, offering Missourians a chance to achieve the American Dream.  Last night, voters sent a clear message affirming our vision for the future of Missouri by electing one of the largest majorities in the history of the House of Representatives.  We are honored by the trust and confidence in our colleagues to lead our united Republican majority to serve the people of Missouri.  Now with our strong leadership team in place, House Republicans are eager to begin the work of governing and remain committed to putting our solutions into action.”