My Life Is A Mess

Ok, so you’ve heard me talking about “The Homestead,” aka our fixer-upper.  It’s been a long haul just to get to where we are now and we still have a long way to go but the end is in sight.  I just thought I’d give you a little glimpse into what we’re dealing with.

Let’s start with our front sidewalk.

There isn’t one.  Pizza and beer boxes keep me out of the mud while I carry Banny out to the grass to do his “job.”

The front steps, I mean step.

It wobbles.  If you don’t break your neck and actually get inside, there’s a buffet in the foyer.

It’s not really a foyer but it rhymes if you pronounce foyer the snobby way.  Next to the buffet is an old dry sink which is actually supposed to be behind the couch, but next to that is the chest freezer which is not supposed to be behind the couch.

There’s Banny too.  He’s sooo cute!  That’s what everyone says.  Yes that is my beer on the freezer in my Husker koozie.  Speaking of beer, the beer fridge is where the dining table was, kinda.

Next to the beer fridge you can see a couple dining room chairs stacked one on the other with my loppers on them.  I don’t know why they are there but they are named “Cindy.”  The table is usually centered on the rug which is half folded over to accommodate the beer fridge.  Priorities.  The dining table is now pushed up against the kitchen island.

Does anyone really eat at the dining table?  In the living room type area (it’s just one big open space so I don’t really know what to call stuff), right next to the fireplace are some of my tools, work gloves, extension cord, and stuff.

This is actually the only spot where I know where stuff is, usually.  The trunk also doesn’t belong in front of the fireplace.  I think it will end up in a bedroom which, right now, are full of boxes or yet to be constructed.

Down the hall is a stack of baseboard, window trim and toe-kicks that I remember to step over almost every time I get up to go to the bathroom in the night.  Beyond that, in the hall to our yet to be completed bedroom is storage.  The only thing down there I know of for sure is the vacuum which most of the time seems pointless to use.  No pictures of the hallway ‘cuz the mess was starting to depress me.

We just keep focusing on the end and how great it will be when it’s finished.  The back patio, which will have a roof, is awesome to sit on these cooler fall evenings.  If you want to check it out, bring a 30 pack of Miller Lite, I need more sidewalk.