Slain Felon Lied To Buy Firearm Before Wounding 3 Officers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Authorities say a homicide suspect who was killed by Kansas City police after wounding three officers was able to pass a firearm-purchase background check despite an extensive criminal history in Oklahoma.

The FBI says 25-year-old Marlin Mack provided false biographical information to an Independence gun shop. Mack was being sought in the killing of Indian engineering student Sharath Koppu when he wounded two officers July 15 while fleeing from a motel. Mack died hours later in another shootout that wounded a third officer.

Macks’s criminal history includes a robbery conviction. Officials didn’t say what specific information he falsified on the purchase form between when Koppu was killed and the gunfights. They also didn’t say if Mack’s purchase included a gun used in the gunfights.