Kansas Turnpike Toll Prices Increasing Beginning In October

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Drivers on the Kansas Turnpike will pay more beginning Oct. 1.

The state announced Wednesday that tolls on the turnpike will increase about 5 percent for passenger vehicles with a K-TAG pass. Commercial vehicles with a K-TAG may see an increase because electronic fares will be rounded to the nearest nickel.

Fees for passenger vehicles paying cash will increase about 12.5 percent, while commercial vehicles paying cash will see a 10 percent increase. All cash fares will be rounded to the nearest quarter.

The turnpike authority says about 40 percent of customers pay cash, while 60 percent use an electronic system such as K-TAG.

State officials said the turnpike system is financially sound but the toll increases are needed to pay for preservation and modernization projects without issuing new debt.