Missouri Loosens Water Park’s Permit Despite Noncompliance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has loosened a Kansas City water park’s environmental regulations despite a recent lawsuit over its pollution of waters leading into the Missouri River.

The agency changed Worlds of Fun’s permit under the Clean Water Act this year to allow the water park to send more pollutants into the river. Worlds of Fun reached a settlement in 2016 with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, which sued the park for regularly dumping chlorine, copper and other pollutants in amounts exceeding state permit limits.

The coalition’s executive director, Heather Navarro, says the lawsuit intended to strengthen enforcement of clean water laws, but it instead increased the limits.

The park’s recent permit increased or removed limits for several pollutants, including chlorine, total suspended solids, and oil and grease.