At least 1,198 Iowa Primary Voters Didn’t Show IDs

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Nearly 1 percent of the electorate in Iowa’s largest counties did not show identifications during the June 5 primary, prompting critics to warn that the requirement could disenfranchise some voters in elections beginning next year.

Figures provided by the 10 counties with the highest turnout show that 1,198 voters signed oaths attesting to their identities of 144,000 ballots cast.

Those voters either didn’t have one of the IDs required or chose not to show one in protest. It won’t affect the November election, when there are competitive statewide and congressional races, because the oath will still be allowed.

A spokesman for Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate says the numbers aren’t an indicator of future problems and the oath educates voters so they are familiar with requirements next year.

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