More Information Released On 2 Kansas City Police Shootings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas City police are releasing more details about two officer-involved shootings last week that left three people dead.

Officers fatally shot a woman who was involved in a standoff Thursday after she was seen walking with a sword in a northern Kansas City neighborhood.

About an hour later, police shot and killed two men who were fighting in downtown Kansas City.

Police say Timothy Mosley of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Robert White, a homeless man, had several confrontations on Barney Allis Plaza before officers arrived. The two men were again fighting when police say Mosley pointed a gun at officers, prompting the officers to shoot and hit both men.

In the second shooting, police say they shot 28-year-old Ashley Simonetti after she ran at officers with a 27-inch steel sword after the standoff.

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