Jury To Be Picked For Greitens’ Trial Stemming From Affair

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Jury selection is set to begin in Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ felony invasion of privacy trial.

Greitens is accused of taking an unauthorized photo of a woman while she was partially nude during a 2015 sexual encounter, before he was elected.

Jury selection is expected to start Thursday morning and last at least two days. Testimony is scheduled to begin Monday.

Prosecutors say Greitens violated state law that prohibits taking an unauthorized photo of someone in a full or partial state of nudity. They’re expected to argue that taking such a photo with a cellphone involves transmission of the photo, from pixels to memory card, which is a felony.

Greitens has acknowledged the affair. He’s refused to say whether he took the photo. He calls the charge a “witch hunt.”

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