Missouri Legislature Votes For Radioactive Waste Inquiries

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri Legislature has voted to create a new fund to help investigate areas of the state exposed to radioactive waste.

The bill, approved by the Senate Monday in 24-8 vote, would prioritize sites like the West Lake Landfill, in suburban St. Louis, where radioactive material was illegally dumped more than four decades ago.

The bill would also restrict the Department of Natural Resources from applying certain safety standards to many landfills with “coal ash,” a byproduct of burning coal, unless there was an “imminent threat.”

Proponents say the bill will improve the department’s work.

Opponents say the “imminent threat” bar is too high.

Lawmakers are considering delaying sending bills to Gov. Eric Greitens amid multiple investigations into Greitens’ personal and private life.

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