Maryville Boys Tennis Wins Benton Tourney Friday

The Spoofhounds beat Cameron 5-0, Savannah 3-2 and Trenton 3-2.

Individual results (what team they played is listed in order above) –

Peter and Chance beat Beasley/Helmich (Cameron) 10-1, Hegeman/Rudel (Savannah) 10-2, and Ockenfels/Houghton /Trenton) 10-8 to get first place in flight 1 doubles.

Cade Gustafson and Ethan Stone beat Tsytsyk/Funchess 10-4, lost to Collier/Butcher 5-10, and beat Neal/Elliott 10-6 to get third place in flight 2 doubles.

Jaden Hayes and Patrick Baker beat Dickerson/Dao 10-0,  Montoya/Montgomery 10-3, and Harris/Otto 10-1 to get first place in flight 3 doubles.

Mason Walk beat Tyler Anderson 10-2, lost to Tage Young 8-10, and lost to Nick Shields 0-10.

Gage Long beat Levi Chastain 10-0, Nic Melton 10-4, and lost to Gabe Swann 1-10 to get second place in flight 2 singles.

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