Iowa Elections Official Amends Disclosure To List Businesses

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has amended his annual personal financial disclosure to list four private companies that were left off his initial filing.

The Associated Press reported last month that a company Pate formed before the 2016 election had recently spent about $2 million purchasing a strip mall and developing a Cedar Rapids rental storage business.

Yet he didn’t name the company, PRG Group LLC, when asked to list each business in which he was engaged during 2017.

Pate’s amended filing submitted Monday names the PRG Group and three other companies that hadn’t been mentioned on his April 11 disclosure.

In a statement, Pate said he doesn’t believe he was required to list all of his business ventures on the form but was doing so because “transparency is a necessary component of good government.” He had previously attacked AP’s report on his undisclosed businesses as “fake news.”

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