Report: Missouri Governor Mischaracterized Woman’s Testimony

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A legislative report says a woman with whom Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens acknowledged having a consensual affair told prosecutors that he coaxed her into unwanted sexual activity as she was crying “like a wounded little animal on the ground.”

The brief, graphic report from a special House investigatory committee was released Monday and accuses Greitens of mischaracterizing the woman’s testimony. The report is intended as a rebuttal to Greitens, who had asserted that the video interview of the woman “undermined the narrative” of an earlier House report detailing the woman’s allegations that he had been physically aggressive toward her.

The latest report highlights the escalating tension between the first-term Republican governor and the GOP-led Legislature, which is weighing whether to initiate impeachment proceedings to try to remove Greitens from office.

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