I’ve Been A Little Busy

I see I’ve managed to blow off “Jim’s Blog” for a few weeks now so I better get off my butt and do it right?  Actually, I haven’t blown it off it just hasn’t fallen into the flow of my typical day.  Actually that’s a lie, I haven’t had a “typical” day for a long time, like since the middle of January when I had the pleasure of paying taxes.  I’m sure we’ll get something just grand from the Feds with all the taxes they collected from all of us!

Once that pleasure ended, I got to the task of putting our “Public File” on the FCC’s website.  What’s a “Public File,” you ask?  Well it’s a file where the FCC requires us to keep all sorts of things nobody ever looks at except for the “political file” portion and that’s only when there’s a heated race and opponents constantly come in to check on what the other is doing.  There’s some good stuff in there too, contour maps are my favorite, but there’s also the file of PSA’s, all the free advertising we give to local civic and non-profit groups, licenses, and all the fun reports I get to fill out on an irregular basis.  To get all this stuff uploaded, I learned how to scan pieces of paper nobody reads into computer files nobody will read.  Much more time consuming than exciting I assure you.  It had to be done by March first and I managed to finish up a couple days early.  I sat at my desk relieved that it was done but somewhat paranoid that I may have done something wrong.  A quick email to my FCC lawyer and he confirmed that I had done everything properly and that I could actually go in and delete a few things, which I did.

Time to relax, right?  Not a chance.  Literally 2 days later I received an email from the FCC telling me KNIM had been randomly selected for an EEO audit.  Please shoot me now.  Last time I did one of these was 2005.  At the risk of sounding like a 5-year-old, I did it all by myself!  Things have changed with EEO in the last 13 years.  It’s literally more difficult to do all the paperwork the FCC wants than it is to find good employees.  Any business owner will tell you, that is saying a lot.  Every small town broadcaster is in the same boat.  We’ll hire anybody who is qualified but we really can’t do anything about our region’s demographics.  After a couple weeks of this additional task (still trying to run a business here) I give in.  A quick email to my FCC lawyer and I have professional help.  I know, there’s plenty of professional help I need but in this case it was proving to the FCC that I attempted to contact every human on the planet for every job opening we filled in the last 2 years.  There were actually 2 times in the last 2 years where we hired someone & we didn’t actually have an opening!  They came in and convinced us they could do the job so we hired them.  Neither worked out but guess what, even my lawyer didn’t know what to do with these two hires.  An adage all small town broadcasters live by is the time to hire a qualified employee is whenever they walk in the door.  That’s what we did.  Sorry FCC, we weren’t actually looking for an employee but one just happened to walk in.  Anyway, that report was due April 18th.  Nope, April 12th.  Taxes were due April 18th.  Nope April 17th.  Joyce’s birthday is April 18th.

Throw in 2,887 miles of Bearcat Baseball, living in a fixer-upper and there you have my first quarter of 2018.  Second quarter will hopefully be a lot less paper work and a lot more Bearcat Baseball.

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