Maryville City Council Notes

–Jason McDowell & Matt Johnson were both sworn in for new 3 year terms on City Council. Rachael Martin was appointed Mayor and Benjamin Lipiec Mayor Pro Tem.

–Approved an ordinance to Execute a Hay Lease Agreement with Fast Farms, INC for the purpose of harvesting hay at Northwest Missouri Regional Airport.  The amount will generate additional revenue for the airport in an amount of $20,000 ($20,040.00) over three years and a one-time revenue of $550.00 for the General Fund.

–Approved an ordinance to Execute Change Order #2 of a contract between the City of Maryville and Ideker, INC for the Apron Rehabilitation Project at Northwest Missouri Regional Airport.  Change order #2 will deduct the cost of the project from $907,000 ($907,223) to $881,000 ($881,405).

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