Iowa GOP Senator’s Clerk Fired After Harassment Complaint

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A clerk for an Iowa Republican senator has been fired after a “sexual harassment” complaint was lodged against him.

Secretary of the Senate Charlie Smithson confirmed Monday that Jake Dagel was fired April 3 as Sen. Waylon Brown’s clerk after a “credible complaint of sexual harassment” was made against Dagel on the same day. Smithson says Dagel acknowledged “the conduct in question.” Smithson didn’t provide additional information, only noting the behavior was against chamber policy.

No public phone number is listed for Dagel.

The website Iowa Starting Line first reported about the firing on Friday.

A former staffer for Senate Republicans was awarded $1.75 million last year after she said in a lawsuit she was fired in 2013 after reporting sexual misconduct in the office. The case drew attention to workplace misconduct at the statehouse. Last month, former Sen. Bill Dix resigned after video showed him kissing a Statehouse lobbyist.

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