Judge To Rule On GOP Governor Candidate’s Ballot Challenge

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A state court judge will rule soon on the fate of former Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett’s campaign for governor.

Corbett asked a Polk County judge Tuesday to allow signatures crossed out in his ballot petition to be counted after a state elections panel refused to consider them.

The panel voted 2-1 last week to reject Corbett’s petition. He fell eight names short of the 4,005 required.

Attorneys representing Corbett said his campaign was attempting to follow guidelines from the secretary of state’s office when striking names, but some valid signatures were “mistakenly” crossed through.

An attorney representing the panel said “rules are rules” and that drawing a bold line through a signature clearly indicates it shouldn’t be counted.

Corbett is seeking to challenge Gov. Kim Reynolds in the Republican primary.

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