Iowa House Approves Expansive Immigration Enforcement Bill

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa House has approved an expansive immigration enforcement bill that would withhold state funding from local governments that don’t comply with immigration laws.

The Republican-controlled chamber voted 55-45 Tuesday for the legislation, following several hours of debate. One Democrat voted for the bill and five Republicans opposed it.

The legislation is framed as a ban on so-called sanctuary cities, a catch-all label for jurisdictions that limit local involvement in federal immigration enforcement. Iowa has no sanctuary cities.

The bill would also prohibit policies that discourage enforcing immigration laws. That could allow federal agents to conduct enforcement activities at jails.

The measure heads to the GOP-controlled Senate, which already passed the bill but must OK final changes. Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, who highlighted the bill to raise money for her gubernatorial campaign, is expected to sign it.

President Donald Trump has used Twitter in recent days to criticize immigration enforcement in the country.

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