Judge Sees No Evidence Juror Was Bribed In Iowa Civil Trial

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — A judge is refusing to order a new trial after receiving an anonymous letter claiming a juror was bribed to favor the University of Iowa in a medical malpractice case.

Judge Chad Kepros ruled Tuesday he believes the letter was likely a hoax written by an upset juror but he can’t rule out other possibilities.

He says a two-year investigation turned up no evidence any bribe was offered, and overturning the verdict would be “contrary to the fair administration of justice.”

Jurors ruled 7-1 that UI Hospitals and Clinics was negligent in treating a Tama mother during delivery but rejected the family’s claim that her daughter’s severe brain injuries could have been prevented.

Kepros received a letter purporting to be from a juror who claimed a man handed him an envelope containing $5,000 and urged him to side with defendants. The dissenting juror is considered the prime suspect.

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