Ivanka Trump Visiting Iowa Today

Advisor to President Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump is visiting central Iowa TODAY to meet with students and take a tour of Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (APEX) with Governor Kim Reynolds. She will also participate in a roundtable discussion to learn about Iowa and the school’s innovative approach to skills training and preparing students for the workforce.

“We’re pleased to host Ivanka Trump to discuss our state’s leadership position in STEM and work-based learning,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Iowa is ahead of the curve for educating our children for the knowledge economy. A great example is Waukee APEX, which is a national model for schools of the future.”

“All across our great state, we’re seeing students drawing upon the expertise of local business partners to bring real-world application into the high school experience,” she continued. “It’s innovative, exciting and preparing them for quality careers.”

“During the passage of tax reform, in addition to working closely with members of Congress, I was fortunate to travel across the country to discuss the Administration’s economic agenda and the benefits of tax cuts directly with the American people,” Ivanka Trump said. “Now, I plan to do the same for infrastructure and workforce development as we highlight how integral both issues are to unleashing the economy and promoting safety and prosperity for all Americans.”

“Over the past year, Gov. Reynolds and I have worked closely on a number of workforce development initiatives,” she continued. “Gov. Reynolds serves on the Task Force for Apprenticeship Expansion and remains an important voice in discussions to increase K-12 STEM and computer science education nationwide. I applaud Gov. Reynolds’ efforts to address this gap and commend her ongoing commitment to workforce development through programs such as the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center.”

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