40 Days and 40 Nights

You already know I moved in with my parents and actually it was a little longer than 40 days but “43 Days and 43 Nights” doesn’t have the same connotation.  While my time with my parents in their duplex wasn’t the end of the world, there were a couple times I thought I had a glimpse of it.

Dad is 91 and Mom is 82.  Here’s 40 things I learned or observed while living with them.  There’s no particular order and none is necessarily more important than the other.  This is truly where the “Random Nothingness” comes in.  Are you ready?  Here we go.

76 is a perfectly good setting for the thermostat, 78 if you’re taking a shower

Ice cream can be consumed any time after breakfast is eaten

There is no weather bad enough to keep my parents from going for donuts & coffee

Free buffets at the casino are a reason to miss church

It’s never too early to plan dinner

A good hostess always offers the newspaper for you to read even though you always decline

Pretty sure Dad murdered Mom’s fern by taking it outside to shake the dead leaves off; It was 2 degrees

Dad will go outside to get the newspaper barefoot even if it’s below freezing

Dad enjoys riding in the back seat

If you’re on “Wheel of Fortune” you must over enunciate everything very loudly

Mac N Cheese from a box still counts as dinner

It took 35 days for Banny to warm up to Dad

It took 41 days for Banny to warm up to Mom

It took 23 days for Jarret to feel sorry enough for us to offer us his couch

Mail Christmas cards at the last minute unless you get one first from someone on your list

Hearing aid feedback can sound really weird

Dad can wake up at any time without an alarm

Television subtitles always cover up something really important when watching sports

Local cable tv audio levels are still all over the place

Mom still makes the best cheesy potato casserole

Even if there’s nothing else on, we’re not watching Creighton basketball

Banny jumping at the back door to get in is actually pretty funny

I wish someone would record all 5 (Banny too) of us snoring

It’s fine if you go out to eat for every meal

It’s possible to live without a microwave

Dr. Kishkunas rubbed off on Dad when it comes to “snow days” (see “It’s That Time of Year Again”)

Banny might actually be a mighty hunter of vermin smaller than him

My Fisher Pykel washer is way superior to what Mom has

5am is a good time to scrub the kitchen sink

We can still fight over the bill at dinner & end up basically taking turns

Mom will always offer to take their car no matter where we’re going

Tv subtitles cover up half the guide

KQ2 news still has terrible sound in their voice-over production

Mom may never learn Brian Hurt’s name – she never learned Don Burch’s either

I think they both let their hearing aid batteries go dead on purpose

I get cranky when it’s too hot

I can wear the same clothes for over 40 days and nobody really notices

I need more socks

Banny can hold #1 a long time

Banny can’t hold #2 as long as he can hold #1


There you go, 40 things.  I actually got rolling and had to delete a bunch.  Most importantly, we all still love each other after the experience and if Mom and Dad ever have to move in with us it will be just fine.  I just have to get locks for the thermostats

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