Iowa Coach Ferentz Faces An Unusual Rival: His Neighbors

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz is facing a challenge from an unlikely opponent: his next-door neighbors.

Trial is scheduled Feb. 6 in a lawsuit that pits the nation’s longest-tenured college football coach and his wife against the three other families who live along a private road outside Iowa City.

A judge is expected to decide whether the Ferentzes breached a 2001 agreement and trespassed by planting trees and installing landscaping items along Saddle Club Road.

The fight over those encroachments is part of a long-running dispute.

A judge ruled in September that the Ferentzes aren’t required to a homeowners’ association that neighbors formed in 2015 to split the costs of road maintenance. The ruling means the Ferentzes don’t have to pay $9,400 they were assessed for a repair project.

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