Elections Official To Travel Iowa Promoting New Voter ID Law

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate says he’ll travel the state this year to inform the public about a new law requiring voter identification at the polls.

Pate said Wednesday his plans include “educational summits” and meeting with groups that will get the word out.

Beginning in 2019, voters must show an Iowa driver’s license, Iowa non-driver’s ID, U.S. passport, military identification, veterans ID or a new non-photo ID issued by the state. A soft rollout in 2018 means voters without acceptable ID must sign an oath acknowledging they will need it soon. In 2019, those voters will be offered provisional ballots.

A special state House election on Jan. 16 is the first under the law’s soft rollout.

The Republican-controlled Legislature approved the law last spring, arguing it would maintain election integrity. There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Iowa.

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