It’s That Time of Year Again

It’s that time of year again.  How many times a year do you hear that?  Seems like it’s always time for something but this time of year is by far my favorite.  It’s when all of us “Northerners” get to laugh at everyone more than 100 miles south of us try to deal with cold and snow.

My brother lives in Houston, TX and even though he grew up in central Nebraska, where we routinely had 3-4′ drifts in our driveway, he still had to send me pictures of the “snow” in Houston.  A little on the windshield, a little on the grass, and a video of the flakes falling around a street light the night before.  Schools were closed and auto body shops were happy.

I must admit, though, “this time of year” is starting to worry me.  I sometimes feel like the crotchety old man who walked to school 13 miles, up hill both ways in a blizzard while carrying my 5 younger siblings.  Actually that was what my dad did, I’m quite certain.

As a kid, school was almost never called off.  This I am very certain of.  My dad was a middle & high school principal and we had a superintendent, Dr Kishkunas, who truly believed that education was very important.  Several mornings after my dad got up at 5am to shovel a car-wide path through that 3-4′ drift in our driveway, I was educated on exactly what my dad though of that superintendent.  That was always followed by a lesson of not repeating any of it under any circumstances.  I do remember Dr. Kishkunas’ first and middle names which I can’t repeat but his initials were GDK.

Yep it’s that time of year again but remember this: the further north you go, the longer this time of year lasts.  When snow finally blankets our countryside, someone in Warroad, MN is grilling a burger outside making jokes about those poor southerners who think their 4wd will help them stop on a slick road.  These are the days I prefer to stay in bed until noon, maybe get a fire going, & watch Banny try to find a snow-less spot to do his job outside.  That’s what I prefer, but of course the reality is I get to work early and get to talk to all of our area superintendents.

“Is there school today?”  You need to call 582-SNOW.  See you at the mall.

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