I Live With My Parents

Really.  We had to move in with my parents.  It’s our own fault because we gave notice at The Brew-plex and it rented out fast.  If I would just listened to myself, we wouldn’t be in Mom & Dad’s basement.  Ok, they don’t have a basement, they’re in a duplex too so you can imagine the four of us plus Banny in a confined space with the thermostat set at 80.

Construction is not an exact science.  There are many moving parts.  I worked a little construction a long time ago & retained just enough knowledge to be extremely dangerous, mostly just to myself.  No matter what trade you’re in, more than likely something out of your control threw off your schedule so now you’re behind and it’s a never ending cycle.  Supplier ran out of what you need, something shipped late or to the wrong place, and let’s not forget the weather!

Our fixer-upper is moving along nicely and would be on time except our original closing date on the purchase went from late September to November and you can’t really start construction on a property you don’t own yet, at least that’s what I heard.  If our closing hadn’t been held up, we’d be living in our house, instead, we’re at Mom & Dad’s waiting to get to a point in construction that we can live with and live in.  I’m pretty simple, if I have a bathroom, laundry room, and at least a microwave, I can deal with the rest.

The rest can be pretty exciting because it’s all progress.  Coming home to find the back door isn’t there anymore, a wall is completely gone, or the home you left in relatively clean now looks like a bomb went off.  PROGRESS!  I’ll gladly clean that up every night to give the artists a clean canvas for the next day.  New framing and drywall in a space I de-constructed a week ago is my favorite.  We gutted a bathroom and a bedroom to create space for a new family bathroom and a laundry/mud room.  Now there’s walls and I can actually see what I had planned & there’s something almost magical about it and that’s why it’s my favorite, at least until the tile guys come and put in the floors and tub surround.  That’ll probably be my favorite then.  It’s kinda like Beatles’ songs; my favorite is usually the last one I played.

If you’re thinking about tackling a project like this, do two things: listen to your contractor and double the amount of time he says it will take.  I’m not saying it will take double the time in fact your contractor may nail it and get it done at the exact minute he said he would.  But if you want to be happy and you want your contractor to be happy, know that there a lot of moving parts that are out of your control and out of your contractor’s control.  Otherwise, there’s always Mom & Dad’s basement!

Here’s the “before!”  I know, we’re nuts.

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