Lawsuit Over Alleged GOP Reprisals Narrowed To 5 Counts

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa’s former worker’s compensation commissioner who alleges he was pressured by former Gov. Terry Branstad to resign because he’s gay plans to take his discrimination case to trial next year.

Chris Godfrey is seeking money damages in one of the first cases trying to hold the state financially liable for actions of officials that infringed on the rights of an individual. The case is being closely watched by state agencies across Iowa.

Godfrey’s attorney says a similar federal lawsuit was dismissed after an Iowa Supreme Court ruling in June provided a path for him to seek increased financial damages in state court. The lawsuit alleges discrimination, retaliation and extortion.

Branstad has denied the allegations and says Godfrey mismanaged the office.

Branstad is now the U.S. ambassador of China.

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