You Must Be a Glutton For Punishment!

Well here ya go! “Jim’s Blog.”  As if I don’t yap enough on the air (almost) every morning, here are even more senseless ramblings.

I’m not even sure what to expect from this but I did get an “A” in “Creative Writing” at Nebraska. It may have been my writing but I’m sure my perfect attendance didn’t hurt any.  I know I couldn’t miss that class because we covered so much each time plus seeing my classmate Mary Kline every M,W,F from 10:30 – 11:20 was a good motivator.

I’ll definitely include pictures to help take up space and fill the page requirements. I’d make the margins a little narrower and make the font a little bigger too but I don’t know how.

You already know I’m doing a major reno project on a house we’re going to live in before it’s finished mostly because we’re insane. That should make for some nice images.  There will be pics of Jarret’s baseball, our dog, Banny, stupid stuff I find and maybe some adult humor – that’s an official warning.

So, that’s my quick intro. Have a great Thanksgiving and GO SPOOFHOUNDS!

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