Kawasaki Motors Gifts Northwest Missouri State $10,000 For Scholarships

Kawasaki Motors of Maryville has gifted Northwest Missouri State University $10,000 to fund the Kawasaki Powering Dreams Scholarship.  The money was awarded to five students.

“Kawasaki is a proud supporter of educational programs and is pleased to work with Northwest Missouri State University to enhance educational offerings and the facilities of Northwest,” Tim Melvin, manager of human resources at Kawasaki, said. “Exercising our determination as a corporate citizen, Kawasaki recognizes the priority of skilled workers in our robust manufacturing environment.”

Through a gift of $10,000 from the company to Northwest last year, the Kawasaki Powering Dreams Scholarship was awarded to five students. The scholarship benefits students who are “caught in the middle,” defined as students who succeed just below the highest level of academic achievement and have financial need but have just enough family resources to be ineligible for federal need-based programs such as the Pell Grant.

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