Missouri Attorney General Sued Over Where He Lives

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri Democrat is suing Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley for not living in the capital city.

Donna Mueller sued Hawley Tuesday. She claims he’s breaking a state law requiring the attorney general to reside in the seat of government.

Hawley has an apartment in Jefferson City but the neighboring county clerk says his permanent residence is in Ashland. Scrutiny over his residency intensified after he voted in an August election in Ashland.

Democrats in particular have questioned Hawley’s residency as he campaigns for Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill’s seat. Mueller’s attorney has donated to McCaskill.

Hawley’s Deputy Chief of Staff Loree Anne Paradise says Hawley’s residency “clearly complies with Missouri law and precedent,” noting his office is in Jefferson City.

Hawley campaign spokesman Scott Paradise called the lawsuit petty.

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