AG Tells Agency To Halt Part Of Iowa’s Medical Marijuana Law

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa agency has been advised to halt implementation of a small section in the state’s new medical marijuana law amid legal concerns it could invite scrutiny from the federal government.

The Iowa Attorney General’s office told the Department of Public Health this month to not proceed with a provision requiring the state to license up to two “out-of-state” dispensaries before the end of the year.

Those entities would have been expected to transport cannabis oil into Iowa from another state in order to sell it. That’s considered illegal under federal law because it involves moving the product between state lines.

The attorney general’s office said implementation should be on hold until the federal government provides further guidance on state medical marijuana programs.

The development isn’t expected to impact other provisions in the law that call for establishment of an in-state production system for cannabis oil before the end of 2018. Smoking marijuana in Iowa remains prohibited.

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