Wednesday’s High School Scoreboard

From Maryville Tennis Coach Nicole McGinniss (Cameron Tourney):

TJ Oglesby got second place overall in singles.  She beat C. Strathman of Higginsville 8-0, beat Call of Platte County 8-1, beat Dahlhoff of Warrensburg 8-4, and lost to Valentine of Platte City 2-8 in the championship.

Emma Webb-Kirkpatrick and Cayren Barnett did not place.  They lost to Lewis/Alvardo of Platte County 1-8, then moved to the consolation side of the bracket and beat Frank/Howard of Higginsville 8-2, beat Stafford/Hazlett of Savannah 8-6 and lost to Lewis/Alvarado again 4-8.

Morgan Goodridge and Addison Hall did not place.  They won 8-1 against Hass/Tovey of Lafayette, then lost 1-8 to the eventual doubles champions Landers/Billings of Platte County.  Then they went to the consolation side and lost 0-8 to Thessen/Ballard of Warrensburg.

Hannah Hawthorne did not place.  She lost 4-8 to Jacey Cornelius of Savannah and then on the consolation side she lost 4-8 to Neal of Trenton.

Girls Golf- Richmond Tourney:

Maryville 5th, full team scores below.

2017 Richmond Girls Invitational Team Entry 2

Individual scores below.  Jessica Sheil T7 with a 93.

2017 Richmond Girls Invitational Results

Boys Soccer:

Raytown South 10, Savannah 0


King City 14, DeKalb 12


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