President Donald Trump Visits Springfield Wednesday

U.S. Representative Sam Graves Wednesday joined President Donald Trump and other members of Missouri’s Congressional delegation in Springfield, Missouri. The President addressed a crowd at the Loren Cook Company in Springfield to discuss Republican plans to simplify the tax code and lower rates for Americans.

“It’s always good to have President Trump in our neck of the woods, especially to talk about something as important as tax reform,” Rep. Graves said. “Our tax code is up to 2.4 million words. That’s astounding – three times as long as the King James bible. Tax simplification will help businesses create jobs and grow this economy, rather than spending hours complying with the tax code or having their decisions distorted by it.

“But most importantly, it will give all Missourians a raise, letting people and families keep more of their money rather than sending it to Washington,” Rep, Graves concluded. “We desperately need tax reform, and now is the time to get it done.”

The President began promoting his proposals for tax reform today in Springfield, the birthplace of Route 66 – the “Main Street of America.” He’ll hold events around the country this fall to promote a tax code overhaul as Congress begins the process of passing comprehensive tax reform when it returns to Washington next week.

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