Workers At Iowa Capitol To Receive Active Shooter Training

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Some Iowa Capitol employees will soon be offered active shooter training, a move that comes just months after a new state law went into effect that allows concealed handguns in the building.

Legislative employees who work for the House and Senate as well as the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency have been invited to attend a roughly two-hour training class in early September at a nearby state building. The governor’s office, which is housed at the Capitol, received the training in July.

Staff leaders for both Republican-controlled chambers requested the training about a month ago. Senate Republican spokesman Ed Failor says a new law that allows concealed handguns inside the Capitol is not the motivation for the training, which has been given to other state employees. Capt. Mark Logsdon, who oversees Capitol security, agreed but he also acknowledged the law may have become part of the conversation.

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