Parents Drop Lawsuit In 2014 Death Of Iowa Patrol Detainee

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The parents of a handcuffed detainee killed in a 2014 highway accident after escaping from an Iowa State Patrol car have dropped their lawsuit against the state.

Attorney Joe Cacciatore said Tuesday that Matthew Lentzkow’s parents believe they achieved the goal of learning about the incident and wants to move on.

Cacciatore says they’re convinced that the trooper and deputies involved violated “basic law enforcement standards of care” but know their son also bears responsibility.

Judge Paul Huscher dismissed claims against Jasper county and two deputies last month, ruling Lentzkow was to blame for driving drunk and fleeing custody. The family then dropped claims against the state.

Lentzkow was stopped for drunken driving on Interstate 80. Three officers left Lentzkow in a patrol car while they searched his truck. He was hit by a van after trying to flee.

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